Funnel Conversion & Engagement

In reviewing traffic reports, I noticed a high funnel drop-off rate, when users were searching our marketplace pages and exploring their options. Additionally, our customer-interviews showed users were leaving our platform during this same stage of the customer journey, to gather more information on other sites. Positioning this to stakeholders as an opportunity for a customer-service and user-engagement "WIN", early in the funnel—during the "search and discovery” phase, so that users could ask questions and get answers without leaving our site. By doing so, we were able to improve these drop-rates in the short term with the addition of a live-chat integration and key product messaging pushing users to engage with our support teams and increasing conversion. In the long-term, we worked to provide users with the information they desired through a series of pricing display page upgrades which included greater clarity on product descriptions and terms, market-based price ratings, and the ability to request additional/specific information on-demand.

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